Tibet Train Tour

Why Take the Train
The Qinghai-Tibet railway, nicknamed the Sky Road, is the highest railway line in the world, with 960 kilometers of its track located at 4,000 meters above sea level. 550 kilometers of that section is located on permafrost land. The highest point is at 5,072 meters. Additionally, the railway also boasts the Fenghuo Mountain Tunnel, which is the world's highest altitude railway tunnel at 4,905 meters; and Tanggula Railway Station, which is the world's highest station at 5,068 meters.

What to See on the Train
A trip on a train that travels at heights of above 4,000 meters is a journey like no other. The Qinghai-Tibet Railway is bordered by the world's most stunning, imposing and magnificent views. This ranges from vast grassy highlands to snow-capped mountains. You can see the most beautiful spots between Golmud and Lhasa. From Golmud Railway Station, the train passes Kunlun mountains, one of Asia's longest mountain chains; Tuotuo River, also known as Mar Qu or Ulan Moron River that has its mouth at Yangtze River; the Tanggula Mountains that look astonishing at dawn; as well as Amdo, Nagqu and Damxung prairies.
When to Take the Train

With regard to trekking, hiking and cycling in Tibet, it is often not recommended to go in the summer due to potential heavy rains. However, summer is the best season to take a train ride on the Qinghai-Tibet Railway. During this time of the year, the view from the railway is at its peak. The prairies are flourishing, the highlands are green, and the mountains are topped with snow. On the other hand, during winter from November to April, the railway is bordered by withered and snowed fields. Hence, it is most recommended to take the train between May and October.
Planning for Your Train Ride

By choosing to take the train instead of flying to Lhasa, you are cutting costs, in some cases by up to half of the total price. You can take the train from various Chinese cities, including Xining, Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing and Xi'an. The average trip takes 36 to 45 hours, although Xining is close enough that it only takes 24 hours. This railway also travels from Lhasa to Shigatse, which makes travelling in Tibet even more convenient.


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