• How to Avoid High Altitude Sickness?

How to Avoid High Altitude Sickness?

January 01,1970

High altitude reaction is a kind of discomfort caused by exposure to the hypobaric and hypoxic environment when the human body rapidly enters the plateau above 3000 meters above sea level. It is a unique common disease in the Plateau area. Common symptoms include headache, insomnia, loss of appetite, fatigue, dyspnea, etc. Headache is the most common symptom.

How to Avoid High Altitude Sickness?

Experts recommend that travelers who enter to high altitude areas above 4000m for the first time should generally stay at 2500-3000m for 2-3 days, and then rise at a rate of not more than 600-900 m per day. After reaching the plateau, avoid drinking alcohol and heavy physical activity, avoid cold and smoking, remember to keep warm, take a high-carbohydrate diet and ensure adequate liquid supply.

Before entering, travelers could take some medicine like to help avoid high altitude advance, like Rhodiola root oral liquid.

After arriving Tibet, better not to take strenuous exercise and not take a bath on the first day, it is suggested to walk leisurely and drinking enough water, which will help you adapt the altitude effectively.

Important note: You’d better have a full medical examination of your health, and take seriously about your doctor’s advice. If your health may take the risk in high altitude regions, you are not suggested to visit, Tibet. Commonly following situations not allow you to go to Tibet:

• Heavy cold

• Severe anemia

• High blood pressure

• Heart disease

• Breathing diseases, including pneumonia, tuberculosis, tracheitis, and bronchitis


Treatment of High Altitude Reaction

(1) Rest

when suffering the high altitude sickness, take rest on the bed and supply enough fluid to relieve the symptoms

(2) Oxygen Supplement

After oxygen therapy through a nasal tube or mask (1-2L/min), almost all the symptoms will be relieved.

Oxygen Supplement


(3) Medicine therapy.

Go to the hospital and take the treatment by doctor timely.

If you have severe high altitude sickness, you have to turn to your tour guide as soon as possible to take you to hospitals. Here are some recommended hospitals in Lhasa city.

TAR People's Hospital (Xizang Zizhiqu Renmin Yiyuan)-the the largest hospital in Lhasa with integrated facilities and experienced doctor. 

Address: No.18, Linkuo North Road, Lhasa

Telephone: (0891)6371322

Lhasa City People's Hospital (Lhasa Renmin Yiyuan)- another public operating hospitals.

Address: No.1, Beijing East Road, Lhasa

Telephone: (0891)6323302

(4) Transfer to lower altitude place

If symptoms do not alleviate or worsen, patients should be transferred to lower altitude areas as soon as possible. The lower place will help you relieve the high altitude sickness immediately.


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