Tibetan Culture & Festival Tour

What to See
Tibetan festivals display an endless array of colours, gratitude and joy. You can visit Tibet for their religious festivals which are usually held in monasteries. These involve extensive chanting and dancing to Buddha, as well as Buddha exhibition activities. Aside from the religious festivals, you can also see Tibetan folk festivals. These festivals are made by and for the people. Tibetans will sing and dance in beautiful traditional attire, and carry out fascinating activities like horsemanship, archery, and lingka or picnic.

When to Visit
Most of the festivals are held during the spring and summer months of Tibet. The Saga Dawa festival lasts from May to June and peaks on the holy day of Saga Dawa Duchen. It celebrates Buddha's birth, enlightenment, and parinirvana, or nirvana-after-death. You can also view the Gyantse Damar Festival that has its roots in the 1400 s. The Naqgu horse racing festival is held in Tibet's grazing area from mid-July to mid-August. Outside of spring and summer, you can still enjoy other festive events: the Tibetan New Year festival which is held for three days from January to February; and the Shoton festival held in Norbulingka where Tibetans hold operas and the Buddha Thangka unfolding ceremony. Make sure you plan your itinerary on these dates to ensure a wonderful trip!


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