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Tibet Travel Faqs

  • Where should I store my luggage in the cabin.
    If you are in the hard-sleeper cabin, you could put your luggage down below the bunk bottom. If you are in the soft berth cabin, you can put your suitcase at the bottom of bunks or also store it on the top space above the door.
  • Is Tibet Train punctual?
    Because the special geographic environment the Qinghai-Tibet railway constructed which needs strictly control and driving, normally the Tibet Train seldom delays.

    Along the way, the train will stop at different stations for supply, at this time, passengers can take these short a few minutes to refresh and stretch body.

  • Toilet on the Train
    On the train, it provides two kinds of bathrooms, one is Chinese style toilet and the other is the western style toilet. Besides them, there is also the disabled toilet offered. It does not provide toilet paper, and as the train staff cleaned them frequently, so no worry about the neatness too much.
  • Socket & Plugs & Adaptor on Tibet Train
    Tibet trains provides power, and each berth cabin has an outlet under the table, it is quite convenient but the electricity supply will be cut after 22:00 PM.

    The outlet is with 220 Voltage, and sometimes it is not stable which may hurt your phone or other electronic products, so if possible it is better to bring your own portable charger battery, in addition since there is no signal on the train, so it is comparatively difficult for passengers to receive phone calls.

  • Hot Water Supply on the Train?
    There is boiled water supply on each train. You can find a water tank at the connection between each two cars, serving hot water 24 hours in a day. Please prepare your own cups for drinking water and be careful of the hotel water as the train is moving.
  • Any Entertainment Facilities on the Train?
    Besides the flat-screen TV in the soft berth cabin, there is no other entertaining facilities basically, along the train journey, you can enjoy the view of Qinghai-Tibet plateau from the window or you can read some novels or magazines, it is also a good option to download some movies or play pokers to kill the time.
  • Can Take Shower on the Train?
    Even on the train it offers 24 hours hot water supply, there is no any places could provide shower to passengers, and avoiding catching cold you will be told not take shower in the first two days in Lhasa, so please take a bath before boarding the train.
  • Do Tibet Train attendants speak English?
    not all attendants can speak fluent English, but some of them can easy communication with basic English, if you meet any troubles you can ask for help from them, but if it doesn't work still, kindly connect to your travel consultant, it is our pleasure to be your translator.
  • What Kinds Food Offered on The Train?
    There is a Dining cabin on each train which can offer both Chinese and Western food, but it is more expensive than usual and it is just basic one with common taste. So you are recommended to buy some instant food or snacks in advance.
  • Which Kind of Ticket Class Should I Choose?
    There are three types of the Tibet train ticket, Soft-sleeper class, hard-sleeper class and hard-seats class. Since the train will take a long time to reach Tibet, then more comfortable Hard-sleeper berth and Soft-slee[er berth ticket are recommended for foreign passengers.
  • Any Discount for Train Ticket in Tourist off Season?
    The official railway company never provide any discount train tickets no matter it is the tourism shoulder or off season
  • Any discount for Children Train Ticket?
    Ticket purchase criteria for Children:

    1) In order to ensure the safety of children's travel, children's tickets must be purchased by adult with adult certificates.

    2) An adult passenger can free carry a less than 1.2 meters height child. When more than one, then one is free, and other children need to buy children's tickets.

    3) Children with height of (1.2-1.5 meters) should buy adult tickets with half price, and the children more than 1.5 meters need to buy adult tickets.

  • When and Where Should I Book My Train Ticket to Tibet?
    12306, the China Train Ticket official platform, starts to sell Tibet train ticket 30 days in advance, which means travelers can book train ticket 30 days before their travel departure day.

    Travelers could also choose to reserve train ticket from we Third Pole Tour Company, we can help you to garantee ticket with more probability.

  • Where Can I Take Train to Tibet?
    In China, there are a few cities offer train to Tibet, for instance, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xining and Lanzhou. All of these trains will pass through the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, the Xining to Lhasa section. You could check our Train to Tibet information and get more details there.
  • Does Hot water supplied 24hours?
    Hotels in major cities like Lhasa, Shigatse and Gyantse can supply 24 hours hot water,but at some remote places, due to the basic condition and the poor water pressure in Tibet, sometimes the water flow is small and just warm but not hot, and even the conditions are worse.
  • Do hotel rooms have access to internet?
    Tibet large and deluxe hotels usually provide wireless access to internet for guest rooms. But at some remote area like Mt. EBC, Kailashi and so on area, there isn't internet. When you check in hotel, just feel free to ask the receptionist and get the wifi passwords.
  • How to get to Tibet?
    You could enter Tibet from other mainland cities of China or from Nepal.

    If from Nepal, you could choose to take flight or by overland to enter Tibet, no matter which way you take, you need to apply the group visa from Chinese Embassy in Nepal.

    If from China, you can either take flight or train to Tibet, almost major tourists cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Xining and so on offer direct flight and train to Lhasa.

  • How far is the Lhasa city to Lhasa airport?
    Lhasa Gongga airport located 70KM south west of Lhasa city which takes about 1.5 hours by car.
  • After Tibet, I willcontinue visitting other China tours, should I apply multiple
     Remember Tibet is a part of China, so the single visa is enough for you completing your Tibet tour and other mainland China tour.
  • Can I visit Tibet by my own?
    According government laws and local regulations foreigners are required to organize the tour with travel agency, furthermore, geography of Tibet is comparatively complicated, it is very easy to suffer high altitude sickness, so it is not allowed and not safe for foreign travelers travel by own
  • Can I withdraw cash from local ATM?
    Yes, you can withdraw money from local banks and ATM for sure, it is easily to find banks and ATM in big cities like Lhasa, Shigatse, Tsedang, Nyingchi, etc. Normally at some remote area it is hard to find banks, so we strongly suggest you prepare some cash for your daily cost during travelling.
  • How much money I should prepare for my daily cost during my trip?
    Actually after you paid your Tibet tour fee, the rest expenses of your tour mainly focus on food and some personal items. In Tibet, the food price usually is higher than that of other cities in mainland China, and in some remote area like Mt. Everest Base Camp or Kailashi places, food are much more expensive, generally speaking, each meal cost from around 5-10 dollars average.
  • Will I face any problem on meals as I am a vegetarian?
    Many Tibetan restaurant offers vegetarian meals, if you need, you could notice guide advance so that he can help you oder the foods upon arrival. so no worry about this part.
  • Can I bath everyday?
    Since you visit high elevation area, your health is very important, so it is not a good idea to take bath immediately when you reach Tibet, because it may cause cold. We highly recommended you not to bathe in the first two days until you acclimatized the dry and cold conditions.
  • I will travel from Kathmandu to Lhasa, and already booked your agency tour, aft
    Thanks for trust and choose us arrange the Tibet tour for you. Actully we offer Yunnan tour also, and the cost depends on your requests, please feel free to contact with your present consultatns for more Yunnan tour details.
  • My daughter is only 4 years old, is it safe enough for her to visit Tibet?
    Well, this is a frequent questions asked by our tourists, honest speaking, the youngest client we have arranged is a 3 years old girl, visited Tibet with her parents from UK in July of year 2016.They enter tibet by train from Xining, and they enjoyed their Tibet tour greatly, so basically it will be no problem for your daughter to visit tibet as well. We would like to suggest you take a family private tour this time so guide can help you more attentively.
  • Is EBC closed?
    Thanks for your inqury, actually the news is not accurate. In fact, EBC is not closed, , Government declare to relocated EBC to near Rongbuk Monastery, which is only 4KM advance the original location, this act makes no any bad effects for tourists get nice view of Mt. EBC but can effectively protect its fragile eco-system
  • What is the estimatecost for a family of 6?

    Thanks for your inquiry, for the family tour, we'd like to suggest you to choose a private tour, which is much more suitable and flexible. You will have more own personal time and choice during your travel time. The cost depends on elements of hotel, transport vehicle and other service you require. Our travel consultants will discuss more details with you and provide you a perfect tour with reasonable price.

  • Do you have any group tour for Everest ABC tour?
    Thanks for your inquiry, well, currently, there is no news show that ABC is re-open to global tourists in this year. But we have trekking routes from Tingri to Mt. EBC and Gama valley trekking. If need, our consultants are always ready to help
  • hello, we are couple from Malasiya, is it possible for us driving car from Cheng
    Thanks for your inquiry, actually the self-driving from Chengdu to Lhasa via G318 National Highway is avaiable for international travelers this year, if accompanied by Tibetan guide with holding relative travel documents, it can be done. Our travel consultants will provide you more detailed information.
  • Indian passport holder working in UK, plan to go to Kailashi with another 3 peop
    Thanks for your inquiry ! Well, we'd like to help you for Mt.Kailshi tour, however, according to the Tibet travel policy Indian passport holders Kailashi tour need to be arranged by Pilgrim Center & Foreign Affairs Office of TAR, since it is the lawful organization for run this business for Indian tourists. But if you are only going to visit some other place in Tibet like Lhasa, Namsto or Mt. EBC, we are pleased to provide service to you.
  • How many days to get Tibet Permit?
    Normally the Tibet permit application process need to take 8-12 Days ( Permit express need 3 days), and once we get the issued permit, we will delivery it to your hotel in mainland city in China, then you can take flight or train go ahead to Lhasa.
  • If I want to come to Tibet from Nepal, do I need to apply for a Tibet Group Visa
    Whether you have already got a Chinese Visa or not, a Group Visa is a must for you to enter Tibet from Nepal, and need to apply though your travel agency. And your existing Chinese visa will be invalid once you got the group visa. Therefore, if you’re intended to enter Tibet via Nepal, do not try to apply a visa for China in your own country, just apply it in Kathmandu.
  • If I got the Tibet Group Visa, how many days I can stay in Tibet, or can I visit
    The Tibet Group Visa is valid up to 30 days (cannot be extended) and you can arrange your time in Tibet no more than the period. Or if you want to explore other cities in China, the valid Group Visa still works. It's worth mentioning you can never get back to mainland if you transfer to Hong Kong or Macau as this visa is a single entry.
  • I am from Singapore and want to travel Tibet from Kathmandu, do I need to apply
    China do has the Visa Exempted policy for passport holders of Singapore, Brunei and Japan, to visit China without visa within 15 days. But traveling Tibet from Kathmandu is an exceptional case and not used for that condition, which means you still need to apply for a group visa.
  • Is there any age-limit for Tibet Permit application?
    The answer is No. If you are healthy and have prepared for this trip and do enough methods to cope with altitude sickness, then there will be no problem for you to visit Tibet.
  • What’s the best time for a Tibet travel ?

    It's the questions pops up in every tourists' mind when they are planning a new tour. However, this simple questions may have a complex answer for Tibet travel.Even though Tibet can be visited all the year round and each season of it exhibit its unique feature, so what time for traveling to Tibet definitely depends on tourists own part. Generally Speaking, April to Oct. are a good period for travelling Tibet, but Nov. and Dec. are best months for getting stunning snow mountain views.

  • I will travel from US, how should I get to Tibet?

    Thanks for your inquiry, well, firstly you are required to apply Chinese Visa from your local Chinese embassy in US. Then please kindly email us your passport and Chinese visa page picture for applying for Tibet Permit. Applying Tibet Permit will cost 8-12 days around, during this period you can book flight ticket to China. Once your arrive in China mainland city, you will get Tibet permit and take flight or train to Lhasa. Our travel consultants will provide you more travel information and help you make an impeccable tour.

    Best Regards Third Pole Tour.

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