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You must be wondering where you should see and experience in a limited vacation period since Tibet is such a vast place full of sightseeing resources, correct? You may interest in arranging your Tibet tour in some other different ways, right? Here We love Tibet offered about 12 theme tours for your Tibet journey as the reference, please kindly check them and choose your favorite.

Travel Tibet by More Themes & Experience

Tibet themes tour packages offer tourists more chances to explore and witness various aspects of Tibet. Through cycling, trekking, photography or more adventure activities at a few remote areas, experience and discover Tibet by different methods, no doubt, tourists can know its unique culture deeply and get a better understanding of this world-famous pure land.

Ideas For Different Destinations

  • Tibet + Beijing

    Culture exploration journey from Beijing, the capital city of China

  • Tibet + Shanghai

    Unparalleled tour combined modern Shanghai and primitive Tibet

  • Tibet + Chengdu

    Train tour to Tibet from the homeland of Giant Panda

  • Tibet + Xi’an

    Tibet traveling with World wonder of Terracotta Warriors from Xi’an

  • Tibet + Xining

    Reach Tibet through World famous Qinghai-Tibet railway

Beijing to Tibet tours - To most first travelers to China, Beijing is the first destination for international tourists. As the capital city of China, Beijing is a great place to visit. There are numerous tourist attractions with thousands of years’ history. From ancient time to the present, Beijing plays an important role in the Chinese economy, politic, and culture. Beijing is regarded as one of the busiest international arrival hubs because of the convenient transportation. Every day, hundreds of flights and trains from other cities or other countries transfer people to Beijing, which booms all walks of life in Beijing. Tibet is located in the west of China, and stay a far distance from Beijing. How to get to Beijing has become a priority question for most travelers. At present, it is very convenient for travelers to get to Tibet from Beijing. There are multiple planes and trains heading to Lhasa from Beijing Airport and the train station. Flying to Tibet from Beijing is the most convenient way and it takes travelers about four and a half hours to arrive in Lhasa. Taking a train to Tibet from Beijing makes your trip more fantastic because of the breathtaking scenery along the Qinghai Tibet Railway. And it is also the best way to suffer from the high altitude. As a trustworthy travel agency in Lhasa, we would like to provide you varies of Beijing Tibet tour packages. What’s more, we offer the service for applying for Tibet Travel Permit, booking air or train tickets from Beijing to Tibet, booking the hotels, etc.

Chengdu to Tibet tours - Located in the southwest of China, Chengdu is the capital city of Sichuan Province. With its rich natural resources, Chengdu is crowned as “the Land of Abundance”. As we all know, Chengdu is the home for the giant pandas. These lovely pandas attract thousands of travelers heading to Chengdu. Besides that, Chengdu is also famous for old tea houses, hot pots, and traditional opera. Here, you can visit some famous tourist destinations such as Jinli Street, Renmin Park, Wenshu Temple, and so on. As the neighboring city of Chengdu, Tibet is also a hot tourist destination for most travelers at home and abroad. Numerous travelers choose to get to Tibet from Chengdu because of the short distance. With the average altitude of four thousand meters, Tibet allures lots of people by its breathtaking natural views. Some famous attractions such as Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Namtso Lake, Mt Kailash, Everest Base Camp, etc. Travelers can get to Tibet from Chengdu by air or by train. With the development of transportation, at least ten flights are flying from Chengdu to Lhasa. The duration time of each flight is only about two hours. Travelers can also take the direct train to Lhasa from Chengdu. Chengdu to Lhasa train only takes about 43 hours. There are some Chengdu Tibet tour packages organized by us, including cultural tours, sightseeing tours, photographing tours, pilgrim tours, etc. Join us, you must have a wonderful journey!

  • China+Tibet+Nepal

    Culture exploration journey of China, Nepal and Tibet

  • Tibet+Nepal +Bhutan

    Find spiritual healing and best landscape views in Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan

  • China+Tibet+Nepal+Bhutan

    Experience the culture and nature brought by 3 kingdoms of Himalaya

  • Tibet+Nepal

    Explore the world’s highest mountain - Mt. Everest, gain more with a lower budget

Tibet Nepal tour by overland - As it only needs half-day driving from Tibet border to Kathmandu, so it is very popular among those clients who also have plan for a Nepal tour.

Tibet Nepal tour by Air - Lhasa has direct flight to Kathmandu, it is a more easier and comfortable way for clients reach Nepal.



  • Start the tour when you want, by choosing your own dates
  • Get exclusive use of a private guide, driver and vehicle
  • Personalised care, dedicated to you and your group
  • Flexibility towards time, allowing you to dictate when to stop and how long for
  • You select the level of your service (hotel, restaurant, transport)
  • Great for families with children and groups of friends
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