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Shanghai is located in the east of China, known as the Paris of the East. Combination of the soaping skyscrapers with traditional laneways, Shanghai has become a hot tourist destination for most travelers. As an international city in China, Shanghai is the first stop or transfer hub for foreigners. There are hundreds of domestic and international flights flying in and out. Traveling from Shanghai to Tibet is a cross-continental journey. From the east to the west, you will explore a big half of China. The scenery is different and unique based on your ways to Tibet. At present, there are two main ways for travelers to get to Tibet from Shanghai. One way is to take the direct flight, and the other way is to take the direct train. Taking flights to Shanghai can save a lot of time. Four flights are flying from Shanghai to Lhasa every day. It only takes you less than eight hours to arrive at the destination. Taking a train is a thrilling trip because you can enjoy the stunning views along the Qinghai Railway. There is one direct train running from Shanghai to Lhasa. And it takes you nearly 48 hours to finish the whole trip. Although it takes more time, it is the best way to adapt to high altitude sickness. As a professional travel agency in Tibet, we Tibet Viator provides varies of Shanghai Tibet tour packages with the best services and the reasonable price. Start your Shanghai Tibet tour now!


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  • Great for families with children and groups of friends
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