Terms and Conditions
By booking a trip, you agree to be bound by below Terms and Conditions, our cancellation policy and certain limitations of liability. Below Terms and Conditions affect your rights and designate the governing law and forum for the resolution of any and all disputes.

Section 1 General Terms

A booking turns to effective only from the date when the deposit payment is done successfully, the client agrees the Tour Program Confirmation and this terms and conditions by signature or by email confirmation.

Please understand Tibet is a special place which cannot provide tour products as good as some other travel destinations in comfort or luxury way own to its undeveloped economy, backward infrastructure and harsh natural environment. Hotels, transportation, security, anti-epidemic, sanitation, medical service, communication and other infrastructures in Tibet also cannot be compared with other cities of mainland China, like Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, etc


3.1 Cancellation by the Client 

If clients have to cancel the booked trip, please write an email to The Third Polo to inform the cancellation. Cancellation refunds will be calculated from the date we receive your written cancellation. The cancellation will occur cancellation charges from The Third Polo and other third party service providers like cruise, airline, railway companies. And All cancellation fees will be itemized.
1) All cancellations made 30 days or more before departure: 10% of the tour price + cancellation fees charged by airlines if applicable.
2) All cancellations made between 29 and 15 days prior to departure: 20% of the tour price + cancellation fees charged by airlines if applicable.
3) All cancellations made between 14 and 7 days prior to departure:30% of the tour price + cancellation fees charged by airlines if applicable + 50% of train ticket fare if applicable. All cancellation fees will be itemized.
4) All cancellations made between 6 and 3 days prior to departure: 50% of the tour price + cancellation fees charged by airlines if applicable + 100% of train ticket fare if applicable + cancellation fees charged by hotels if applicable. All cancellation fees will be itemized.
5) All cancellations made within 3 days of departure or No Show Up: 100% of the tour price. If the tour includes Train tickets to and from Lhasa, as long as the ticket has been issued, the cancellation would cause the 100% lost of the train fare, see Part 4 1.3 Cancellation for the train tickets to and out of Lhasa.

Note: If the Client books a tour including Yangtze River Cruise or other services unmentioned above, the cancellation charges will be itemized as a separate clause in the contract.

3.2 Cancellation because of the Client’s failure in obtaining Visa
The Client will receive a full refund of the tour price if fails to get Chinese Visa, except the cancellation fees charged by airlines and Railway Station if applicable, including:
*If the Client fails to get Chinese Visa and makes the cancellation 30 days or more before departure
*If the Clients’ Travel Permit application is rejected by Tibet local government

4.1 Changes made by The Third Pole 
In certain circumstances, The Third Polo may change the tour itinerary or services because of some geographical or political factors of the travel destination beyond The Third Polo’s control. In this event, the schedules, itineraries, amenities or mode of transport may be subject to alteration, and sometimes without prior notice. Please be flexible in this arrangement. If The Third Polo makes major changes, The Third Polo will inform the Client as soon as possible. The major changes refer to the changes affecting at least one-fifth of the itinerary. In this event, if the changes are not acceptable to the Clients or we are not able to agree upon a suitable alternative, the Client will be entitled to cancel the reservation and receive a full refund of the unused tour price, except the cancellation fees charged by airlines and railway companies if applicable.


4.2 Changes of Itinerary and Services Made by the Client
The Clients have the right to change the tour itinerary and services before and during the trip, but it may cause the cancellation and re-booking as well as the price difference on seasonal changes, which may correspondingly increase or decrease the tour price, and The Third Polo will re-quote the tour package.

4.3 Complete the trip before designated time
As the quotation for a tour is based both on length of tour days and total mileage of itinerary, the following two situations will be considered that The Third Polo has successfully fulfilled the tour service and obligation: a. tourists finished the planned itinerary ahead of time b. The tour days ended yet tourists failed to complete the itinerary due to force majeure. If tourists extend the days beyond designated tour length, or make other tour beyond itinerary, The Third Polo will accordingly charge extra service fee.


Section 2 Shuttle Service between hotels and Airport/Train Station:
Lhasa Gongar airport is about 70km far from the CBD area, it is difficult for us to arrange free shuttle service at any time. So we Third Pole tour decide to offer free shuttle service to pick up/drop off our customers between hotels and Gongga airport three times a day with our fix time. We would like to suggest clients better to book flights that match our shuttle service time so that there is no need to have to wait for others.

The free airport to hotel pick-up fixed departure time:
Pick up clients at 10:00 am; 13:30 pm; 17:00 pm

The free hotel to airport drop-off fixed departure time:
Pick up tourists at 06:30 am; 08:00 am; 12:00 pm

All the shuttle service during the fixed departure time would be free for our customers.

* If the picking-up/dropping-off time is beyond our designed schedule, it will be required to pay separate transfer which is around 50USD/car.

* If passengers number are less than 3 each transfer, we may change to use the publish transportation like the taxi or airport bus instead

* At airport or train station, we will hold a board of “The Third Pole ”to welcome you. If you could not find the tour guide, Please call your own travel consultant directly and get help.

1. Passport
The Client must be offer a valid passport. The passport must be valid at least 6 months before applying for Tibet permit. The Client take response to apply Chinese Visa, entry and exit documents.


2. The Client Enter Tibet from Inland China City

When booking is done, clients should e-mail the copies of passport and China visa to relevant trip consultant of The Third Polo at least one month before departure. The Client should confirm all the information on the scanned copies are readable. If the Client holds working, studying, residing or business travel visa, the Client should also offer The Third Polo corresponding working, studying, resident and business visiting certificates or permits. These documents are required to apply Tibet Travel Permit

3. The Client Entering Tibet from Nepal
The Client entering Tibet from Nepal should offer the valid passport to The Third Polo by email at least 30 days before departure, and must get to Kathmandu with the original passport at least 3 working days before the date enter Tibet so that The Third Polo can apply for Group Tourist Visa with enough time.

The Client entering Tibet from Nepal needs to apply for a special Group Tourist Visa at Kathmandu. Once getting the Group Tourist Visa, Clients’ former Chinese visa automatically expires.
The Chinese Visa issued by Chinese Embassy Kathmandu Nepal is the Group Tourist Visa, which means all traveler's visas are in ONE paper and all Travelers must entry, travel, leave China together, even on the same flight/train. If any travelers in group will leave or travel separately before or after touring Tibet, please inform travel consultant about it so that we Third Polo will separate the group before relative travel documents are issued. Applying for Group Visa in other countries besides Nepal is also workable.
Tourists should take The official Chinese Visa fee unless it is included in tour package cost.

Section 4 Train Ticket to Tibet

1.1 Booking and Issuing Train Ticket
Due to the busy booking of Train Tickets, Travel agent will start to help tourist book train ticket 30days advance trip departure date. And the train ticket maybe issued very late, sometimes may even can be gotten 1-5 days before departure time due to the large market demands of ticket booking.


1.2 Flexibility on Train Ticket kinds
During Tibet’s peak travelling season, maybe we Third Polo can not get the Tourists required ticket kind and will ask Tourists whether it is possible to change, if clients refuse to accept it, clients should inform we Third Polo in the first time, and choose another way enter Tibet instead.

1.3 Cancellation for the train tickets to and out of Lhasa
According to the latest policy of railway station in 2015, passengers who need to cancel or change train tickets should take their original passports to one of the train stations in China to handle the relevant procedures by own person So for Foreign Travelers it is not possible to get the train ticket refunds if it is cancelled. And if travelers need to change the ticket, please understand there will cost changing charge fee which is required by railway station.

1.4 Booking Soft Sleeper Train Tickets
Since there are only 30-60 soft sleeper train tickets available on a train, so it will be very difficult to book soft berth ticket during peak travel season. Though The Third Polo would like to help clients book soft berth ticket when clients required, but it can not be confirmed 100%, if the soft berth ticket is not available, clients can change it into hard sleeper berth ticket if The Third Polo have the way to solve this problem. If clients refuse to accept it, clients should inform we Third Polo in the first time, and choose another way enter Tibet instead.

1.5 Validity of Passport
The train tickets booking is based on your offered valid passport information. if you are ready to change a new passport, please provide us the new passport information, because once the tickets booking is done, it is not allowed to change the passport number anymore.

Section 6 Tour Safety Notification
1. Traffic Condition
Roads in Tibet are notoriously long and narrow. The driving speed in Tibet is limited to 40 to 50KM per hour. If you happen to travel during peak travel season (from July to Oct.), please be patient for intermittent traffic jam.


2. High Altitude 
Travelling in high altitude area is a challenge to people’s physical fitness. If you have illnesses like heart disease; hypertension; respiratory disease; mental disorder; severe anemia, contagious diseases, etc. Or pregnant, disable, just in the process of recovery after surgery, you are not suitable for travel in Tibet If you help others’ to sign up for the travel, please make sure they do not with healthy issues above.


3. Tour Itinerary 
Tourist please check the tour itinerary carefully, some tour attractions are not open for clients, so do not adventure into any unknown dangerous spots

4. First-aid Kit
First-aid kit is prepared for any emergency case. Because of all the staff of travel agent are not professional medical staff, so Clients can prepare the needed medication yourself before departure.


5. Inform Your Relatives
If a mother takes her children for trip, please inform her husband of the safety of travel and get his permission,vice visa. If a senior join in tour group, please inform your children or lawful spouse and get their permission.Travel agent will deem that you have got the permission for the trip from your relatives as long as clients signs the tour contract.

Section 7 Restrictions of Local Activity
Local Policy requests that foreign tourists' activity should be arranged by agent or accompanied with a tour guide. f you are planning some personal arrangement in local, please obey their regulations.


1. Personal activities during travel
If tourists would like to visit some places during the period of your travel, please inform us in advance. we will help you arrange a guide to accompany you when it is necessary.

2. Extended your Stay beyond scheduled tour plan.
 If tourists have rest time after or before scheduled travel plan, and are planning to visit somewhere else, please inform our company immediately. Never visit alone or use other company’s tour service, it is not allowed to use other company's service if you do not get the Tibet travel permit from them, otherwise it will cause troubles to both tourists and also our company. 

Any questions? Feel free to contact us, tell us your general traveling plan to Tibet or mainland city in China? Please try to provide more information of your idea, you consultant will offer expert answers soon.

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