• What To Eat During Your Tibet Travel

What To Eat During Your Tibet Travel

January 01,1970

***What To Eat During Your Tibet Travel***

At high altitude environment like Tibet , humans always need the warm food to help to combat the chilly atmosphere. As one of the best way to learn culture of a place, foods and drink are essential elements, because they also means kind of the local unique traditions and distinct features.
1. Roasted barley flour
Roasted barley flour is the staple food of the Tibetan people. It is nutritious with high calorie, and easy taking away. Tibetans have it at three meals everyday, which made by highland barley grinding powder.
The manufacture method is: firstly melt the Tibetan butter in hot milk tea, then add a proper amount of highland barley powder and stir it, thirdly knead it by hand and eat directly.

Roasted barley flour
2. Buttered tea
It is a typical drink in Tibet. As a staple food, it is often eaten with roasted barley flour, which has the functions of cold resistance, refreshing and thirst quenching. This beverage is processed with butter and strong tea.

Buttered tea
3. Beef and Mutton
Yak beef meat is the most popular meat eaten by Tibetans. The high-protein meats are essential for locals for cold resistance.
Tibetans will boil beef and mutton with ginger, salt and spices before eat. For easier to store or take away, those meats will be dried in strip shapes. Right now those dried beef and mutton meats are very popular among the locals and tourists, even it is a little bit hard to chew , the salty taste is good yet

Beef and Mutton
4. Tibetan Noodles
Tibetan noodles, normally cooked with simple vegetables, chopped scallions and poured over with some basic sauces in a plate together, which tastes refreshing. With a Tibetan local beef salad, it will be a enjoyable meal for sure.

Tibetan Noodles
5. Tibetan Sausage
With all that beef and mutton, it is no wonder Tibetans make great sausages. There are dozens of types of sausage in Tibet, including meat sausages, blood sausages, liver sausages, white sausages, flour sausages, and lung sausages. Tibetans are very fond of sausages, and the blood sausage and white sausage are the two most popular. Without dregs during eating, delicate fragrance and tender, not greasy but succulent.

Tibetan Sausage
6. Tibetan Buns
Tibetan Buns, the Tibetan local diet. It is filled with mixed minced beef and mutton, salt, pepper, oil, and meat broth. The shape of the Tibet Buns looks like lotus blossom, taste not greasy and delicate, which was called "crystal steamed bun"

Tibetan Buns
6. Tibetan Milk Tea
Very different from the butter tea, the sweet tea has a more pleasant taste, so the sweet tea could be accepted by more tourists than the butter tea. you can find tea houses in almost street in Lhasa city, Men sit there for business, women sit around for gossip, with the sunshine slanted into the tea house, everything was just in right.
Tibetan Milk Tea
7. Tibetan Yogurt
Tibetan yogurt is made of fresh yak milk. It never adds anything in the process of production, so it keeps its pure and natural taste. People who have eaten Tibetan yogurt will never forget the feeling that yogurt bring to them, it is truly sour, so remember to add more sugar, or other your faviorate fruit jam, eating delicate yogurt in Tibet in a bright sunshine day in Lhasa must be a joyful and unforgettable experience. 
Tibetan Yogurt
8. Qing Ke Wine
Barley wine is made from highland barley, a main grain produced in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It is the most popular drink of the people of Qinghai and Tibet. It is indispensable for celebrating New Year's Day, getting married, having children and welcoming relatives and friends.

. Qing Ke Wine


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